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There is a bit of shyness in that conservatism.3 & 4 - Again, probably related to #1 but i think that can also be a general problem with very attractive women.

Guys dont want to risk being shot down, particularly when they are somewhat shy by nature.

Gallia Belgica was the Romans' name for the northern part of Gaul, the northern limit of their empire.

In early modern times, the name was used as an erudite synonym for the Low Countries.

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They can also be set back by what they see as more forward (maybe somewhat aggressive) thinking females. It's a university town so there are lots of younger people there who like to go out for a good time.

The other view could be simply that 'you're not in Kansas any more' 5 - Conservative, shy guys may prefer quiet average looking girls who they might consider less likely to break their hearts.6 - Sigh..... Now if you are used to New York city then yes, Ghent will be a bit of a culture shock.

The two main rivers are the Schelde and the Meuse, both of which begin in France and flow toward the Netherlands. Flanders (northern part of the country) is less hilly than Wallonia (southern part).

I have been looking to settle down and find a smart, sweet, attractive guy. And these are guys that i think are below my usual standard in my home country, ie, not in professional jobs, not as good looking as I would usually go for. This country is damn cold and i need some body heat!!

Im financially very well off, so, i dont require that support from a man. But im making compormises because i have been alone for a year now. Why is it that unnatractive, unmotivated, boring women always seem to have the smartest, most attractive, most interesting boyfriends? If anyone knows the answers to these questions, i would really like to know your response.

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Im a 31 years old young woman from Belgium, Europe.

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